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Are you a practive accountant?  Why not take a look at our "Practice Management System".  Designed by accountants, for accountants, to manage accounts, schedules, services, deliverables, time, effort and invoices.


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PMS Practice Management System

This is a new updated version of the original "Accountants Client System". This system is designed to allow management of an accountancy practice. Keeping records of contacts, maintaining details of all accounts and their deliverables, incorporating a anti-money laundering system, a call management and simple messaging system, timesheet and mileage records, audit trails and so on.

This web-based Intranet application has been designed specifically for small to medium size practice accountants. The system is maintains details on all contacts and accounts in the practice. It also includes a call logging system, where phone calls and issues, along with each response to the call, can be recorded against an account. This historical information is readily accessible in the system and can be used to locate old issues, problems and conversations.

The system has a 'scheduling' component for common practice deliverables. It includes items such as Annual Accounts, CIS, VAT, CT600 and so forth. Simply select the appropriate schedule items and the next due date for each account in the practice and then sit back and let the system tell you when items are due. When the scheduled item is completed, the system will reset the due-date for the next period.

Various options exist to allow you to see upcoming and late items, by date, account or item type.

This system includes an optional 'Anti-Money Laundering' component. This option ensures that anti-money laundering checks are completed before new accounts are setup onto the system. Not only does it record who was responsible for completing the checks, it ensures that a second person (with the appropriate privileges) reviews that the necessary documents have been completed. Once the initial anti-money laundering checks have been completed, the system sets a reminder to ensure that these documents are reviewed on an annual basis. All anti-money laundering events in the system are recorded in the systems 'audit trail'.

Another optional component of the system is a ''Time Management' feature. When installed, the system allows users to book time to accounts (chargeable) and non-chargeable activities such as holidays, administration etc. The system also allows invoices raised to be posted into the system against each account. Each user in the system can be assigned a notional cost to the company. Various options are available to view hours by user, client etc. The system can also display a breakdown of hours, approximate cost to the practice alongside invoiced amounts for each account.

The system include user access control. Only users with a valid account and password can gain access to the system. Passwords can be changed by each user. Password are encrypted using a one-way encryption facility, this ensuring that passwords are kept private, and cannot be accessed even by the system administraton. Access to each area of the system can be controlled on a per user basis. Each user of the system is assigned "None", "Read" or "Update" access to each area of the system.

All significant events within the system are recorded within an Audit database table. These audit events can be accessed and viewed by any user of the system with "Administrative" access rights. Events that are recorded include all changes to 'scheduled events' such as completion of self assessment, documents on-site for Corporation Tax. It also records when users login and logout, failed login attempts, password changes etc and changes to user access rights. If installed, all 'Anti-Money Laundering' are also recorded into the audit table.

The system is a thin-client web-based application. The system is accessed using a standard Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (versions 6 and 7 are supported).

Installation required access to a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). This is used to host the application and deliver the pages to each client. Therefore, installation will require either a Windows 2003 server or a Microsoft XP Professional system that can be used to 'host' the system. Microsoft Access is used as the backend database.

For more information about the "Accountancy Practice Management System" or if you wish to discuss development or customisation of an application then contact Davis Solutions Ltd.

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