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Equipment Database

A custom-built web-based Intranet application to hold contact, company and equipment information for an equipment supplier.

The database system acts as a central repository for all customers, suppliers and potential prospects. It also maintains details of all equipment that the company sells and maintains a list of the equipment that has been sold to clients, along with serial numbers, warranty details and options.

The system includes a mail-shot facility whereby customers, suppliers and/or prospects can be selected and targeted based locale, business type, equipment owned and so on. This mail-shot function will generate labels or emails for the targeted recipients.

The system include user access control. Only users with a valid account and password can gain access to the system. Access to each area of the system can be controlled on a per user basis. Each user of the system is assigned "None", "Read" or "Update" access to each area of the system.

The system is accessed through a standard Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (version 6 and 7 currently supported). Thus this makes installation and deployment of the system. All that is required is the URL for the system and a valid user-id and password.

The system also needs one of either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or a Windows XP Professional computer to act as the host for the application.

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